We are Michigan Makers United Against Covid-19! 

We are a group of makers in Michigan working to create PPE for our front line workers in Michigan. Our primary goal is 3D printing face shields and providing them to hospitals and other healthcare organizations around Michigan. 

This group was started by Marquette Area Public Schools teacher Becky LaBrecque. Mrs. LaBrecque is the director of the M.A.P.S. Makerspace which houses several Ultimaker 3D printers. On March 21, 2020 she did her first test print using a model she found online. There were many national places to send 3D printed face shields but Mrs. LaBrecque wondered about her local community, Marquette, Michigan. After a little investigation she learned the need was great right in her own town. It was time to call on some fellow educators to help! 

Mrs. LaBrecque reached out to other educators, professors, and business owners asking them to join the cause. They in turn reached out to others and the group took hold! People from all over the Upper Peninsula and beyond started running their printers to help the cause. Locals donated needed items for making as supply shortages were a huge limiting factor. People dropped off foam tape, binder covers, transparencies, laminate, glue, elastic, plastic, and more! Little production facilities were set up all over town as teachers used their school equipment and knowledge to help solve a community problem. Businesses stepped up to help assist in any way they could. 

This group started with a primary focus on Marquette county, but soon there were makers from well beyond that area. There were also requests for face shields coming in from health care agencies all over Upper Michigan. Soon similar groups started up in Dickinson, Houghton, and Chippewa counties. Makers from all over the U.P. contributed to efforts all across the peninsula! 

But, it doesn’t stop there! Groups are also working all over the Lower Peninsula! The need is great in cities like Detroit and groups are working hard to spread the word and bring others on board to help. 

In the end, we all hope for the day we no longer need to print these items. We would love to hear that production has caught up! We can stop! But that time has not come. Instead the people we love are left exposed. And we just are NOT okay with that. So we print. And we make. And we fight from our homes to protect those we love using any resources we can! 

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