Our project runs solely on donations.

Public school teachers are utilizing their equipment and supplies from their classrooms. More equipment and supplies are needed to continue this project and replace items utilized so they can restock their classrooms.

3D printers cost $1000-5000 and more per printer.

Plastic is about $30-50 per roll. Each roll makes about 30 shields.

Other supplies like shield material, foam, glue, and elastic must be purchased.

Printers require maintenance. Parts are typically expensive. A new nozzle is about $50-100.

The best way you can support this project is by supporting the teachers and schools in your area working on the project.

You can make a donation to the MAPS Makerspace at https://bit.ly/print4UP. These funds will be used for equipment and supplies to support the efforts in Marquette County.

Want to support a maker in your area? Reach out to your local school!

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