Educators, Business Owners and Individuals with 3D printers across the world have banned together in an attempt to fulfill the need for PPE until better solutions are in place. This group started off in Marquette County, Michigan but has expanded across the Upper and Lower Peninsulas! Makers all over the state are working to fill orders from hospitals, first responders, care facilities, and more.

Do have a 3D printer and live in Michigan? Want to join our cause?

All are welcome to take a look at our design files. You can read about our design story here:

Our current preferred design was created by Joe Routhier. It utilizes a three hole punched shield and a solid brim to avoid splash. You can use a regular rubber band instead of elastic.

Shows 9 different 3D printed face shield frames.
The first two photos show original designs but the others are our current prefered design by Joe Routhier, Northern Michigan University.

This group started as “Yooper Makers United” and changed to “Michigan Makers United Against Covid-19” after getting several groups making in the Lower Peninsula. If you are interested in turning in 3D printed frames to our cause, please reach out to Becky at [email protected]. You can also request to join our Facebook group for makers.

Our public facebook page is called Support Michigan Makers United Against Covid-19

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